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Heaven by the lake of Como

gennaio 26th, 2012

Villa La Cassinella is one of the fabled properties of Lake Como, the only private villa sharing the Punta di Lavedo with Villa Balbianello and offering its unique and suggestive view of the Lake Como’s Gold Coast. The estate has grace and movement, beckoning to a life of intimacy and refinement. At Villa La Cassinella, the stories and fantasies of the past come to embrace what the discriminating traveler is seeking in this busy and pressing world, an oasis of unblemished beauty, tranquility and service.

The exceptional equilibrium of fine design, rich appointments, six-star amenities and unparalleled service that defines today’s Villa La Cassinella is resetting the bar in the high stakes game of fabulous villas on Lake Como. Emerging from a deep renovation of three years constant work, complete with the moving of 2500 metric tons of stone and the creation of a 50 square meter room to house the large-capacity infrastructure for utilities, Villa La Cassinella is the sine qua non of rentable villas on the Lake.

Villa La Cassinella is understood to have been built sometime from the 1880′s to 1926 and originally was not a villa at all. The name Cassinella comes from the casine, a word in Como dialect to mean barns or stables where animals live. You can see many dotting the lower reaches of Como’s mountain slopes, simple isolated buildings surrounded by farmland even today. The original casine of the name is now an elegant curving porticoes living room and dining room from which you can enjoy a southeast view over the villa and its gardens to the Lake.

Research at the local town hall has not turned up much by way of detail on the Villa’s history except that the important owners were Comasco industrialists who, in the 1960’s had the brilliance to create around the property the exceptional gardens that remain today. This stunning 3 hectares of trimmed and tapered cypress trees, clipped boxwood hedges, vines of wisteria and jasmine, flowering dogwoods, azaleas, plus tree peonies and roses is a perfect match for the dynamic interest provided by the four structures, numerous terraces and multiple footpaths of Villa La Cassinella. Together they provide all manner of opportunity for really enjoying all the curves and panoramic moments of this idyllic landscape. Reading, drinking, talking or dozing in a courtyard shaded by a plane tree whose canopy has been turned into a perfectly round and almost flat leafy umbrella by sheer dint of some exceptional pruning is something you must come to Villa La Cassinella to enjoy.

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