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Contemporary combined with the history – Sicily

dicembre 16th, 2011


The island of Favignana, called Aegusa by the Romans (Pliny 23-79 AD), is an enchanting and mythical place, bathed in extraordinary light giving intense color to the landscape, and caressed by warm breezes from Africa. This is an untamed island of superb natural beauty where you can lose yourself while experiencing the transparent turquoise sea, enjoying the flavors and scents reminiscent of Mediterranean traditions and delicious regional cuisine.

The island is undulating and has innumerable white sandy beaches and spectacular coves with easy access to crystal clear water. Favignana’s flat expanses make it an ideal place for cycling and visiting the island in a relaxed fashion.

Favignana’s proximity to the mainland of Sicily (20 minutes by hydrofoil) affords guests an opportunity to visit numerous attractions in the vicinity: Palermo, Erice, Marsala, Mozia, Segesta, Scopello to name but a few, and the other islands, Levanzo and Marettimo, that make up the Egadi archipelago of which Favignana is the largest.

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